Review Time

Sweeney Todd

Went to go see “Sweeney Todd” tonight and I am glad that I did–ever since seeing the previews starting in November, I was curious to see Johnny Depp in this movie. After watching the movie, I realize what a great actor Johnny Depp is.

I read in a magazine last month how Depp actually sang his own parts and practiced very hard to prove that he could sing the parts. That made me appreciate his singing in the movie more, since I know that he worked hard on it. The movie itself was interesting, a little morbid to say the least, but a slight bit whimsical as well. A lot of singing, which I didn’t mind–I never knew that the song “Joanna” I once heard at the Way Off Broadway performances at my old high school was from this musical. Now I think of the song in a very different way than before.

It had been awhile since I had been to the theatres, so it was a nice change for a Saturday night.

rant Review Time

Old Can Openers, be gone!


This is a picture of what my can opener roughly looks like. I have to say, I thought maybe there was an issue with the Chicken of the Sea cans when I last talked about it. But no, today when I was trying to open up a can of sliced olives (under the Safeway brand), I realized that it is not the cans that are defective, it’s the can opener.

This whole kitchen set I bought from Target (I forget the name of the brand unfortunately) has been nothing but trouble for me ever since I bought it. The knives that came with it don’t do a great job at cutting anything, and the spoons/spatulas/etc. are poorly made. The spatula has actually melted in high heat! And now, I complain about the can opener, because it has done nothing but cut through cans horribly. Might I say, it has done a rather crappy job. I had to spoon out the olives today slowly, trying not to cut myself on the can’s sharp edges.

I wish I had the name of the set, but oh well–I just know, I have learned my lesson and will never buy such a cheap set again.

Review Time

Gillette Venus Breeze

Gillette’s Venus Breeze is one of the newer razors created by the company. The razor heads have built-in shaving gel, which eliminates the need to use soap or shaving cream when shaving in the shower.

I actually bought this razor without even noticing the built-in shaving gel on the razor head. I was just looking for a new razor to replace my old Schick one from several years back. When I first used the Venus Breeze, I was very impressed with how much simpler and more efficient it was to use than my old razor–I just had to wet the razor blades, which would then activate the “shave gel bars” and allow for suds to start. The razor works very well, and I can see why it’s a great product.

However, I do have a complaint about the stand/holder that comes with the razor. The design is quite horrible–I guess Gillette expects for women to stick the holder in the shower for easy access, but the darn holder actually doesn’t stay stuck to the shower wall. My holder fell twice within the first 24 hours, which in turn made me remove the whole package from the shower because I was already tired of hearing the thing fall in my shower. Instead of using sticky tabs for the razor holder, Gillette should think about have a suction cup in the back–that way, it will stick a lot easily in the shower, especially after the shower walls are wet.

I guess that’s my only complaint about the product.