rant Review Time

Old Can Openers, be gone!


This is a picture of what my can opener roughly looks like. I have to say, I thought maybe there was an issue with the Chicken of the Sea cans when I last talked about it. But no, today when I was trying to open up a can of sliced olives (under the Safeway brand), I realized that it is not the cans that are defective, it’s the can opener.

This whole kitchen set I bought from Target (I forget the name of the brand unfortunately) has been nothing but trouble for me ever since I bought it. The knives that came with it don’t do a great job at cutting anything, and the spoons/spatulas/etc. are poorly made. The spatula has actually melted in high heat! And now, I complain about the can opener, because it has done nothing but cut through cans horribly. Might I say, it has done a rather crappy job. I had to spoon out the olives today slowly, trying not to cut myself on the can’s sharp edges.

I wish I had the name of the set, but oh well–I just know, I have learned my lesson and will never buy such a cheap set again.