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Daily Post Day 21: Sound of Laughter

(I know, the picture doesn’t match the topic of this post)

Interesting topic for today:

Describe what your laugh sounds like. Who in your family is your laugh most similiar to, and most different from?

My laugh can go from girly-giggly to boisterous. I notice that my laugh varies depending on who I’m with; the people I’m closest/most comfortable speaking with, I laugh loudly, hysterically. With acquaintances, I hold myself back a little more and just lightly laugh/giggle.

In my family, we all have various laughs (just like we all have various sneezing styles, haha). I suppose I am most like my mom in my laughter: shy with others but with loved ones, anything goes. I love the way my mom laughs because it makes me smile.

So, how does your laugh sound like?

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Singular Peach.

Yesterday, I received a fresh peach and accidentally left it in the car overnight.

This morning, while I was eating loquats for breakfast, I suddenly remembered that the peach was still in the car. I thought about the possibility of the peach over-ripening in the heat of the day. I quickly got dressed and walked outside into the fog.
My upstairs neighbor was outside smoking with the front door slightly cracked open. My acupuncturist went to his office on the corner of our block to pick up his morning paper; we both had epiphanies as we realized the fact that we’re next-door neighbors.
I walked on to the car and rescued the peach. It had a small cut on it but it still felt fresh and ready-to-eat luckily. I continued on back home holding the peach like a treasure. It’s now safe at home.
Somehow I felt inspired after that mission.
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San Francisco Scenes, Part 1

Sometimes, San Francisco really frustrates me; other times, it surprises and amuses me. Two instances:

Story #1
A couple of months ago, I was walking with my brother to buy groceries on Masonic. We were laughing about something else when suddenly we heard a skateboarder coming down Masonic, down the hill from Trader Joe’s. The guy was carrying a bag of groceries and trying to balance himself on his skateboard (a mighty feat) when he got distracted with a Jaguar on the road. We didn’t realize until he started speaking that he was really a pirate in disguise.


He looks at the Jaguar, and suddenly, he falls off his skateboard. My brother and I stand in shock as we both are afraid he might get run over. Traffic stops.

The skateboarder then picks himself up from the road.

“Yargh…ye bastard!”

He notices that his skateboard went flying across the road.

“Yargh…me skateboard!”

And then he hurls himself across traffic to retrieve his skateboard, as if nothing happened and that it was all normal to him.

Story #2
Today at work, I noticed across Market Street there was a guy with an easel and he looked like he was painting/sketching a man in a wheelchair a few feet away. I pointed out the scene to my co-workers and immediately felt curious about the situation; the artist looked deep in thought, as if studying his subject and making sure he was accurate with his depictions.

Well, a co-worker went to investigate the scene, and sadly, it wasn’t as poignant as it appeared from our office: the artist was drawing something abstract, and the man in the wheelchair? He wasn’t the subject; it was merely a coincidence that they were both in close proximity.

Still, the scene struck me as something unique for the city; we have street artists, sure, but this guy was really, well, taking the term in a different way. He was dismantling his easel and work by the time I left work; I wanted to catch a glimpse of his progress, but I decided it was best to let it go.

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Children Growing Up in San Francisco

There were a couple of ABC (American-born Chinese) teens on the bus this afternoon, and I felt more than amused by their conversation:

Girl 1: Did you know that New Zealand is a part of Australia?
Girl 2: Everyone knew that except you.
Boy 1: May I sit here?
Girl 1: *rolls eyes* Sure, maybe…*sets her backpack down in the seat*
Boy 2: I have to go to my tutoring session today.
Girl 2: Tutoring, as in for what? Sylvan Learning Center?!
Boy 1: Hooked on Phonics? *laughs*
Girl 1: Here, sit down!
Boy 1: On your backpack? Okay, but it’s going to have some butt stains on it…*laughs*
Girl 1: Did you know that New Zealand is a part of Australia?
Boy 1: I think you already said that.
Girl 1: I thought it was all the way by Hawaii!

Eavesdropping and observing their behavior, I felt like I was seeing an image of what my life could have been like if I had grown up in San Francisco. These teenagers and their lives here in San Francisco are very different from what I experienced as a teenager. However, will they end up with different perspectives in adulthood as me, or will they end up with the same perspective somehow?

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Artwork and Rain Boots.

Amidst the artwork and relics of Buddhism today, I was approached by two middle-aged men, peering down at my rain boots:

Man #1: Those are quite outrageous boots.
Me: (surprised by the compliment given at the museum) Why, thank you…
Man #2: Where did you buy them?
Me: Loehmann’s.
Man #1: Are they rain boots? What kind of material?
Me: (lifting up one pant leg to show the rest of the boot to them) I think they’re waterproof; rubber perhaps?
Man #2: Wow, they’re great! How much did they cost?
Me: Oh not too bad, maybe around $40 or so.

At the end of the short conversation, they just smiled and nodded at me and then walked on through to the other exhibits in the museum. I found the whole encounter amusing merely because it was a weird place to be looking at shoes.