#30PostsBefore30 Day 27: A Good Diet Is All About Moderation


July 2007 Selfie shot.
July 2007 Selfie shot.

Since my initial weight loss in 2006, I have tried many different diets and meal plans to either lose more weight or maintain my weight. I have even tried Weight Watchers three times: once in high school haphazardly, once during my final semester in college, and the last time was in early 2012. Doing Weight Watchers was a great experience to help me with portion control, but it didn’t help me with getting enough nutrients from the foods I ate.

What I have discovered from all the diets and meal plans I’ve tried is that a healthy, balanced diet is the key to successfully losing weight and keeping it off. It is the simplest advice that most doctors have recommended for many years, but no! We are always looking for a quick fix or depriving ourselves of essential nutrients because some magazine has told us to do so.

I have done the vegetable soup diet, and even though I enjoyed the soup, it began to feel limiting after several days. I have eliminated carbohydrates from my diet before, and even though I saw some weight loss, I realized it was not sustainable. I have done a 3-day juice fast and even though I also saw some weight loss there, I know I cannot just have juice as my meals.

Nowadays, I make sure my meals are balanced with enough fiber, carbs, good fats, and nutrients. I practice portion control and I limit my intake of added sugars and processed foods. Sure, the weight loss may be slower than when I tried the other diets before, but I know that this is what my body needs to lose weight healthfully (and keep it off). And yes, I still have that slice of cake from time to time and enjoy every bite of it.