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Writo De Mayo, Day 4

Well, today is technically “Day 1” for me in terms of actually writing so far this month. However, Writo De Mayo officially began over at the NaNoLJers community on May 1, so yes, I am a little behind. I wrote a little bit in Novel 4 right now, and, when sending the draft to my email account (as a back-up), I noticed that the last time I worked on the novel was at the beginning of March. Yikes, has it really been two months?

I was stuck in a sort of limbo over the weekend, and only today am I able to focus a little better. I couldn’t fully sleep the past two nights since I found myself adjusting to yet another new schedule due to my brother’s changing shifts at work. It’s unfortunate that I am a light sleeper, that any light noise wakes me up and keeps me up for some time.

I finally finished Catch-22 late last week, and all I have to say about that book is that it’s confusing. It’s probably a more enjoyable read for people who enjoy reading anti-war books; not to say that I like reading pro-war books, but that genre in general isn’t of interest to me. Plus, the whole book itself was a huge contradiction/Catch-22. That was probably the whole point of the book; well, it was decent enough to read for a month, but I probably won’t go back and read it again anytime soon. I’m back to reading some nonfiction this time around; a couple of self-help books to shake things up.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to update a little more this month due to the Writo De Mayo challenge. I need to pull together more motivation to get this writing done. I have no problems writing daily entries at my other blogs, but somehow, I just can’t muster enough strength to get back to writing fiction. Gotta keep plowing through somehow.