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Woman with the bobbed hair.

Ever since last autumn, I have noticed this bobbed brownheaded elder woman taking the #10 bus with me every morning to the Financial District. I guess she amuses me every time because of how perfect her hair looks all the time: neatly bobbed and curled under, including the bangs. I noticed her all those times when I worked down in the Financial District. After I stopped working there, I did not see her again.

Well, recently, seems like we are running into each other again. One day after work last week, I took the 9x back home and she was also taking the bus. We both got off at the same stop, which made me feel a little weird since it looked like I was following her (which, I really wasn’t; it was my stop, too, after all). We even went into Safeway at the same time, which made things much more creepier for me.

This morning, we met again, taking the 9x downtown. I wonder if she lives in the same building as me? And I wonder if she also recognises me every time, too? It’s kind of strange; I feel like we should at least introduce ourselves to each other so things would not feel so awkward. Then again, I don’t want to come off as being a creepy Asian girl (is there such a thing?), so maybe I should just let her be for now.

So, I guess I will continue to amuse myself with her perfectly coifed hair when we meet again.