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Wendy’s new ad campaign.

Just read over this at NY Times’ “TV Decoder” Blog about the new advertising campaign that Wendy’s is coming out with next week. I bet for those who are in the US would recognise the more recent Wendy’s ads–the ones where there are men wearing the bright red Wendy’s wigs and people are cheering madly for them.

One in particular that comes to my mind is the one where all this old footage of women with men’s faces pasted over them screaming, yelling fanatically–in the end, we all find out that the people were all fanatic over the Baconator sign and a guy wearing the Wendy’s wig one of the sandwiches. Look below:

To be honest, I never saw the appeal in these commercials, but after reading the TV Decoder blog entry, it makes sense: this campaign was aimed more towards the male demographic. Seems that the company decided that the campaign was alienating other demographics. Now they’re turning to another campaign where their tagline is “It’s waaay better than fast food, it’s Wendy’s.” I watched a few of the clips on the TV Decoder page, and the ads seem a lot different from the previous campaign–I can’t tell whether that’s good or bad. These ads hit the emotions in a different way–a little more information is reiterated, and the Wendy’s logo is now animated. I wonder how this approach will affect restaurant sales.

My opinion on the new campaign: After watching the commercials through once, they seem a little bland. Maybe it’s because I’m comparing these new commercials with the previous campaign. Still, I feel like with this new approach that the commercials may sink into the background with other commercials of similar nature–nothing about the commercials really stand out to me.