Waking Up Writing on a Monday Morning

My brother had said something on Sunday evening while I was cooking: the timer on the stove was on, and it was ticking down 30 minutes. He looked at the timer and said “Wait a minute, there aren’t 29 hours in a day.”

Yesterday morning, I woke up and had this thought in my head…and I immediately got down to writing after I finished breakfast. Funny how inspiration just lands right in my lap.

My AlphaSmart NEO (pictured on the left) has been my lifesaver these past few months. I first heard about this little machine via NaNoWriMo and finally decided that I needed to get one when I realized how distracted I become while on my laptop. The NEO is only an electronic typewriter (in some ways)…but hey, it gets the writing job done for me! I can just take it into the kitchen and work on it with no distractions from my laptop.

It’s also good for taking notes in a class, but I have yet to try that. I’ll try it soon enough.

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