Life Decisions

Turning off upon two paths:

As cliche as it may sound, let’s say you have two paths to choose from along the way.

One road is one that you’re very familiar with, one that you’ve traveled many many times and just know it all too well. Have it down in a routine, nothing really shakes it up: life is life, and it can be quite predictable.

The other road, however, causes fear within you, yet it also seems enticing. Risky, but what are the rewards? The rewards are much richer than what you would get if you chose the easy way.

Of course, there are consequences with either roads, as with any other choice in life. But which one would you rather take for the sake of the other?

In one hand, you hold something safe; in the other, you hold something that could potentially be dangerous, but seems to yield bigger rewards.

Which one would you choose?

Hypothetically speaking, of course, but it’s something we all deal with too often in our lives. We see two paths that our decisions could take (sometimes even more than two paths); to take that leap of faith and trust your gut to go with the “road less traveled” (oh, Frost)–often times it is well worth it.

I find myself dealing with these two paths a lot these days; to choose the easy way out, go on in life as it normally goes; or, I could shake things up, no matter how many naysayers I hear discouraging me.

To let fear hold me back–well, that’d just be silly, really. I realize that fear is all in the imagination, really. If I just get rid of the excuses and the paralyzing fear of failure or risk or whatnot–well, I find that I end up faring well in the end anyway.