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Thoughts on Adland

I mentioned about Adland in a previous post. I finished reading this book today and was a little disappointed with the final few chapters. Those chapters felt a little rushed and it seemed to me that Mark Tungate was trying to squeeze as much information in as few words as possible. There wasn’t enough background and history for the Japanese company, Dentsu, or for the Latin American/Hispanic companies. Maybe there really wasn’t that much information to extract about those companies, but the book was really imbalanced with European companies. I guess it is true that a lot of the best advertising comes from Great Britain, or France, or the US, but it would have been nice to have a more “global feel” to the book. I also felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t enough information at all about the Thai advertising agencies–Tungate really could have expanded upon that section a lot more.

But I can’t complain really–the book provided me some insight into the world that I am interested in entering. It gave me more references to look up, more books to read. At least now I realize what I had been missing in my schooling for the past few months–history! I still don’t understand why my school never taught us any history of advertising or any of the marketing sectors for that matter.