Birthday Memories

This is 36.

If you had told me last year about all that would happen in my 35th year of life (both in the world and also in my own personal happenings), I would have laughed at you and claimed IMPOSSIBLE!

But as I have written recently about all that conspired in 2020 in my personal life, I am still in awe. To add to that pile of milestones/adulting, at the start of the New Year/January, Ryan and I finally went under contract for our first home, and we just closed on that house a few days ago.

Yup, add homeownership to the list of life goals accomplished within this last year. Honestly, my 35-year-old self wasn’t expecting to be THAT much of an overachiever. It also wasn’t like Ryan and I had planned all of these milestones to happen this way, but….they did.

I’ve told a few friends already how, while I am grateful for all that has happened in this past year, I also feel ready to live a more mundane life again. I didn’t even think much about my birthday until probably a couple days ago, especially when my co-workers were asking me about what I had planned for my birthday. Plans–what plans can work in a pandemic?

I wasn’t expecting to spend my 36th birthday still in the midst of this pandemic. Still, we made the best of it: had brunch and dinner at home (picked up food from our favorite local Denver establishments), visited a yarn shop (yay, yarn!!), and drove around the Denver metro area while B slept in his carseat. I appreciate reading all the birthday wishes from loved ones through text messages and social media.

Always in the back of my mind, I also remember how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to celebrate another birthday after the near-fatal birthday accident from eleven years ago. As time passes by and that moment fades further away into history, I still think back upon that birthday as pivotal.

Well, here’s to 36 being a lot more boring than 35 was!