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the3six5 Project.

I’m currently sitting in JFK Airport’s T5, waiting for my delayed flight back to San Francisco. It’s a New Year, another year, another chance at more changes and accomplishments. 2010 so far has been a mixed bucket: joys and sorrows. But, let’s write about something else, shall we?

I’ve signed up to participate in the3six5 project, a project featuring 365 people’s views on all the days of the year. Each author picks a day in the year 2010 to write about that day, the current events, reflections, etc. Basically, what are the lives like of 365 people in the US? After the project concludes (one year from now), the creators of the project (Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman) hope to publish the project as a “crowdsourced journal of 2010”.

There were several days I wanted to write an entry for, but unfortunately, all of those were already reserved for other authors. So, I went for the next best thing, which was essentially the next available consecutive date. Look out for my entry on April 24, 2010. Perhaps that day will be something spectacular.

Then again, isn’t everyday spectacular in its own way?