NaNoWriMo quotation

Tea Bag Wisdom

Every week, when I visit my friend, I look forward to drinking a cup of Good Earth Tea, which always has a quotation attached to the tea bag. It’s almost like opening up a fortune cookie, the anticipation of looking inside to see what words have come to me by chance.

I had written an entry during the middle of summer how one of these particular quotations struck me in a way that really opened my eyes up. To this day, I still have that quotation tucked away in my wallet to remind me that I really do not need to feel like I must do everything all at once. One thing at a time will do.

In other news, it’s less than a week until NaNoWriMo, and I honestly don’t have anything really brewing in my head in terms of a plot/storyline. I have been brainstorming, sure, but nothing seems to be accumulating into something captivating. I suppose that’s the point though: I just need to be writing something, period. Despite not being surrounded by other participants physically, I feel like the energy I feel from the forums really feeds my motivation. It’s too bad I can’t go to the Write-A-Thon this year, but I suppose I can have my own private Write-A-Thon sometime this next month.

Well, onward!