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Super Bowl Commercials Recap.

Good game last night with the Giants beating out the Patriots. Like I mentioned before, I am not a fan of football really, but I watched the last half hour or so since I noticed the game went past 6:30 PST. What an upset! But life goes on, right?

Anyway, I did avidly watch all the commercials that were playing. I attempted to also log onto the websites in the commercials to see what was up with the sites. GoDaddy’s commercial was dumb, in my opinion. It was weak and just didn’t have an appeal to it. I have heard others say how the SalesGenie commercials were leaning towards stereotypes/racist slurs, and I guess I would have to agree a little bit. I don’t really get the point of anyway actually.

The Audi commercial confused me a lot, but probably because it made a movie reference that I was not familiar with. Really nice website though. The commercials that made me laugh and stuck out to me were the Pepsi and Bud commercials. Diet Pepsi Max was funny with all the sleeping/dozing people…well done with that one. The Bud commercials were just clever and memorable for me as a consumer.

Careerbuilder commercials were also funny, although I felt like the first one (the woman and the heart one) was a little gross. The Coke and Etrade commercials were also fun, although the baby in Etrade was creepy.

I guess if I had to choose just one commercial that was well executed, it would be this one:

It was intriguing with the parade blowups seeming to be fighting for the Coke. Well done!