Life Decisions

Seasons of Change

Ever since I made the decision to invest in myself and Hashtagitude back in July, life has been one crazy journey. Thanks to wonderful people in my life, I have received a lot of clients through referrals/word-of-mouth. I am indeed grateful for wonderful people in my life, especially in this season of Thanksgiving.

Sweet note from colleagues at ImageThink, SXSW friends. Gratitude is contagious!
Sweet note from colleagues at ImageThink, SXSW friends. Gratitude is contagious!

But with the abundance of appreciation and gratitude also comes the time to make decisions on what I can realistically commit to with my time: how many clients can I realistically handle without burning myself out/doing a poor job with all the work?

I have had to step down from a few extracurricular commitments in the past couple of months, and will be stepping down from several more before the end of the year as I find that my work hasn’t been up to my own standards. It’s tough to close certain chapters in life, but I must do this in order to open up more energy for other endeavors.

Last week I spoke with a colleague from a former commitment of mine and she had told me that it was very respectable for me to step down from my volunteering position when I did: “Most people are scared to walk away from commitments, but then they end up overcommitting themselves. It’s better to step away before things become overwhelming and you find yourself doing a subpar job on everything.”

Her words have resonated with me these past few days, which has prompted me to re-evaluate my current commitments and make some tough decisions.

Let’s see how things go after this week.