My San Francisco Chronicles observation reflection

San Francisco Scenes, Part 2

Tommy’s Joynt
Van Ness Avenue & Geary Street
Sunday afternoon

After visiting the farmer’s market today, I decided to go by the public library to pick up a few books I had on hold. I waited outside one entrance with a few other patrons, and, when the doors open, we all began walking in. I was surprised when I saw the hoards of people flooding in from all the entrances into the library, as if the place were a shopping mall. Perhaps I just haven’t been out enough, but it seems like only here in San Francisco can I see such a scene for the library. There were a mix of people: young, old, wealthy, homeless, etc. They all wanted to go inside to relax, to sleep, to check out books (like me), and other things. I felt others found the library as more than just a place for books; to many here in the city, the public library is a sanctuary from the elements and the sometimes-harsh street scene. Quiet, tranquil, and open.

Later on, I had lunch at Tommy’s Joynt with my brother. Tommy’s Joynt is a true San Francisco institution where you can see people from all walks of life eating together and truly sharing at least one thing in common. It was another eclectic crowd inside, not unlike the crowd I saw streaming into the library. Some people were interested in watching Sunday football on the televisions in the restaurant; others just wanted a warm meal for a good value.


Many times, I feel like I don’t belong here in San Francisco with the different “scenes” aka crowds in the city; other times, like today, I feel it doesn’t matter what group we all supposedly belong in, as long as we’re happy and letting others just do their own thing with no judgment involved.