My San Francisco Chronicles

San Francisco Public Library: Dream Haven

Wow, just wow. Today I went to the SF Public Library (Main branch) and my friend was not joking–the place is overwhelming in a very good way.

I entered through the Larkin Street entrance and was just amazed at how large the place was. Back east, my public library was small–granted, it was a decent size for the town, yes–in comparison with the SF library though, the library back east is a molecule.

There are around six floors (I think? I didn’t study the map hard enough because I was so overwhelmed) of books, books, and more books. There’s also a cafe, a bookstore, and you can check out magazines/periodicals/DVDs/CDs/etc. Wow, just wow…I had a hard time figuring out what all I wanted to check out since I was in shock most of the time, haha. It was as if I were in a candy store (oh that old cliche….).

Anyway, I ended up checking out a couple advertising/marketing books and a novel. The library has a program called “SF Reads” where, for a month or two, the library features a book recommendation for SF people to read and talk about. I find it a very clever and motivating idea; hell, this might be how I can get myself back into my reading habits.

Sigh. I think I’ve found a new love.