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Quizno’s on Celebrity Apprentice

(Screenshot of Quizno’s website)

Last week I went to Quizno’s for dinner and I remember seeing some promotions in the store saying how they were going to be featured on “Celebrity Apprentice“. Tonight, I was just wondering when that would happen and was delighted to see that Quizno’s was in fact featured on tonight’s episode.

The project for the episode was to create a new sandwich and sell it to the lunch rush in NYC (two hours); whoever sold the most sandwiches would win the challenge.

Both sandwiches created (The Champ sandwich and The Prime Rib Cowboy sandwich) sound really really tasty. I didn’t think that the sandwiches would actually be available for purchase at Quizno’s, but they are available up until March 21st (well, they HAVE to feature the sandwiches now since Celebrity Apprentice gave them a “free” plug on the show).

Anyway, The Prime Rib Cowboy sandwich features prime rib, mozzarella, bacon, and onion on their SAMMIE bread; The Champ sandwhich is turkey and cheddar on SAMMIE bread. I tried Quizno’s flatbread last week and I must say, it was very heavenly. Soft, warm, and fresh. Which sandwich should I go for? Which would you choose?