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Quizno’s: More than Sub Sandwiches.

I don’t think many people know that Quizno’s actually sells other food items other than subs. Well, at least that’s what I had always thought. I always thought, “Quizno’s only sells subs; therefore, they are competing with Subway.”

Yes, they compete against Subway, but I feel in many ways, Quizno’s is the better of the two. Granted, I did not try one of their subs when I went there today, but I have to say, I rather enjoyed the quality of my Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Salad tonight. Very high in quality, but at a great, affordable price. Plus, the atmosphere at the Quizno’s I was at (on 3rd Street @ Market) was similar to the atmosphere at any yuppie cafe/eatery: swank yet at a good value.

I regret that I didn’t go to Quizno’s earlier; one of my friend’s friends recommended Quizno’s to me last year, and my former manager actually recommended it to me, too. I rarely ate out before this month though, so that would probably explain the lack of visits to Quizno’s. With a hectic work schedule and lack of time to cook healthy meals at home, I do have to resort to eating out a lot more often. I don’t like it, but it can’t be helped right now. Sigh.