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One quarter into the year

Downtown Denver on a sunny January day.
Downtown Denver on a sunny January day.

Well, that blog schedule I listed in my previous post hasn’t surfaced. Oops.

I find that this website here has had a severe identity disorder. I first started back in 2009 to get my writer platform running; since then, this blog has evolved and gone all over the place. I am not sure if I am ok with that.

However, I suppose this describes the changing seasons of my own interests. My brand, Helene Kwong, has seen a lot of change in interest, passion, etc. since 2009. Some passions dialed down a few notches while others flared up; some disappeared and some exploded into reality.

Anyway: I will be getting back on a regular posting schedule next week. I find my posts about highlighting local businesses (or small businesses in general) are the most helpful for those businesses. My posts on the job hunting process were a hit last year: perhaps I will evolve this topic once again.

We shall see.