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Okinawan Food

After spending the whole day out with my friend Mayumi , I realized that I really need to get out of Tokyo and explore more of Japan. I want to go to all the other “major” areas of Japan–Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyuushuu, Okinawa–and also to the more rural areas as well. I just need to explore more of the country; after all, there’s more to Japan than Tokyo, just like there’s more to the US than NYC, DC, SF, LA, etc.

I was perusing through Granduo today at the Tachikawa station; felt bored and restless, so I walked around the mall a bit and listened to some music. I went upstairs to the food places and found this little gem called Ichariba, which serves Okinawan food. I had never tried Okinawan food before, so I decided to venture in.

The menu had a lot of healthy items, including some items to preserve youth. I went for the Maguro rice bowl (raw tuna slices with rice), since the picture looked appealing. That choice was a good one for me; I needed something light and healthy to fill me up for the day, and this was it.

I’m not quite sure what the green or white stuff was, but nonetheless it still tasted delicious. Eating this dish made me really want to go to Okinawa soon!