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Muse Gone MIA; flying through books.

All weekend long, I wasn’t able to feel much inspiration to work on Novel 4 nor move along the progress in Novel 1’s editing/revision stages. I suppose my muse has gone on vacation for the time being, but I only hope he or she will come back to me soon enough.

During this past week, I have been flying through some books that I checked out from the library. I finished reading Shirley Fong-Torres’ The Woman Who ATE Chinatown and am currently wrapping up Martha Brockenbrough’s Things That Make Us [sic]. Both books have been insightful and good breaks from reading fiction (Stanley G. West’s Blind Your Ponies was a huge project to finish up anyway…). However, as my habit has become, I’ll need to get back to reading some more fiction soon since I’m feeling slightly burnt out from reading nonfiction (is that the correct classification for those kinds of books?). I’m trying to cut down on adding any more books to my “to-read” list on Goodreads since I’ve hit 300+ on that list…there’s no way I’ll be able to read all of those books if my list continues to grow. Gotta slow down.

I continue to receive notifications about people adding my story “Riches to Rags” to their favorites on Scribd. It’s amusing to me to see how my other story, “Tight Jeans”, hasn’t received nearly as many hits and nobody has added that story to their favorites. What is it that has drawn readers to Ivan instead of the anonymous bakery shop owner? It’s something I’ve been pondering; is it because of the POV? The voices of the stories themselves? What can be improved upon “Tight Jeans” to make it more appealing?

Perhaps my answer will come to me soon enough. In the meantime, I will need to really get working on my other short story revisions. Until next time….