#foodie Review Time

Mentos: Gum…?

I stumbled upon this little creature at Walgreen’s yesterday morning: Mentos Gum. Since it was flashing “NEW!” I figured to try it out.

I finished the whole 15 pcs today…

No, the gum really isn’t that good actually.

It’s chewy and has good flavor for the first minute, but then…the flavor leaves very very quickly. I had to spit the gum out after two minutes or so since the flavor was already long gone.

Sometimes I really wonder about Mentos in general. They claim they are the “chewy mint” but their “mints” don’t even freshen your breath really. Same goes for their gum–no fresh feeling. They try to fool people into thinking they help freshen your breath but in actuality they are just candies in disguise.

I have to say, the gum was only addicting due to the initial burst of flavor, but afterwards, the thrill is gone. Sigh.