Marketing Interests My San Francisco Chronicles

Lindt Gold Bunny Promotion at Union Square.

I was working the hot dog stand on Saturday and had some time during the middle of the day to walk around Union Square on my lunch break. I noticed there was a guy walking around in a chef’s outfit, handing out samples of some sort. There was a huge promotion for Lindt Gold Bunny going on; they had a huge inflatable of the Gold Bunny on the Square, and they also had this cute Smart Cart (in the picture) parked in front of Macy’s.

I ended up taking two samples and tried them out. Pretty good chocolates, but I wasn’t sure if the Bunny was supposed to have a filling like the Truffles from Lindt. I think I was more fascinated with the Smart Car more than the chocolates/samples….I mean, look at how cute the car looks with the bunny ears! Quite a cute concept indeed.