Inspiration when away from home:

For the past week, I’ve been finding myself writing email “blurbs”/prompts to myself regarding some observations/thoughts I’ve made while away from my personal computer. Here are a couple I’ve written so far:

1. He felt fretful from watching the curtain fall across another store, closing due to the sluggish economy. He watched the workers file out of the store and he felt himself clinching his own chest, wondering what would happen to his own job eventually. His office was located on the tenth floor of the building, yet he could see clearly the faces of distraught and worried pain across the street. The Great Behemoth was falling; which would fall next?

2. Two and a half cups of coffee later…

Just some things to jump-start some future projects. I usually keep a small notebook on me when I’m on-the-go, but sometimes it’s easier to type a fleeting thought than to write it down. That’s just how my mind works at certain points in the day.