My San Francisco Chronicles sweet treats

Gelato, my love.

Every time I eat gelato I feel happy; the sweet creamy texture, the density…Italian “ice cream” probably trumps all other kinds of ice cream out there.

So far in San Francisco, I have only tried gelato from Naia and from Yoogo Gelato. Naia is closer to my apartment, and they have the standard “American” flavors of chocolate, strawberry, et. al., with a few other interesting flavors. I haven’t been to this gelataria in awhile, so I don’t remember what all they do carry.

Today, my siblings and I went to Yoogo Gelato, which I had noticed many times before but never had the chance to venture in and check it out. I got word from an acquaintance that Yoogo Gelato sells some Asian/non-standard flavors, so my interest in the shop was piqued. I was reminded of the time that I ate gelato in Tokyo, and remembered how much I enjoyed eating the kurotaro (Black Sesame) and matcha (Green Tea) gelato flavors.

I was happy to see that Yoogo Gelato had both flavors; they had large waffle cones to hold the gelato in, and the Black Sesam definitely did not disappoint. My siblings got Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter as their flavors; we all felt satisfied after our little sugar venture.

Perhaps I should start a quest on finding the best gelato in San Francisco as well; I guess I am becoming quite the foodie in my obsession with food, especially sweets.