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Frozen Yogurt Guest Blogging (Fro-Yo Girl!)

In the past few months since being back on the East Coast, I have had the chance to help out my friend, Lolia S. aka Fro-Yo Girl with guest blogging from across the country.

I have to tell you, I really got into frozen yogurt back in San Francisco in 2008, when the Fro-Yo boom was happening. I hadn’t met Fro-Yo Girl yet, but I admired her blog a lot and aspired to be “Fro-Yo Girl Jr.”

Alas, I fell off the wagon a few times with fro-yo shop visits. Only in the past year as I got to know Lolia more (and met up with her frequently) did I find the joy of fro-yo again. Well, it also didn’t hurt that my brother and I lived near the original Tuttimelon location on Irving Street!

So now, here are the fro-yo reports I have written for Lolia so far; shall be writing a few more once I can nab some time away from pre-Fall Quarter coursework!

Fro-yo in Southwest Virginia by Guest Blogger Helene K.

Live from NYC: Fro-yo Trucks!

If you love frozen yogurt just as much as we do, please be sure to check out Fro-Yo Girl Speaks!