My San Francisco Chronicles rant

Excuse me, your stroller is in my way.

I went to Tapioca Express today with my friend, and we encountered some of the rudest/most oblivious people in the world. Tapioca Express is not too big of a cafe; since it was a Sunday, the place seemed busy, but there were still some seats and tables by the window.

Well, unfortunately, those seats were blocked off by these people with this huge stroller sitting in the middle of the seating area. I became more pissed off when my friend and I had to get the people sitting NEXT to the rude people to move for us. I mean, come on, what the hell? I kept shooting dirty looks at the people with the stroller, but they were completely oblivious to everything. They seemed way too engrossed in their “oh-so-important” conversation.

After awhile, the magazine table closer to the counter cleared up, so my friend and I decided we would move there. Instead of trying to battle through the obstacle of the stroller in the way again, we decided we would climb over the ramp near the entrance to get to the magazine table. We looked weird climbing over the ramp since we had to raise our legs up and over the ramp. Meanwhile, the rude/oblivious customers STILL did not seem to notice the trouble they were causing. All the while, they were letting their little girl run around in the store causing havoc.

Honestly, people like that do not deserve to be out in public.