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Edible Arrangements

(source of photo: NY Times)

Okay, so I have known about Edible Arrangements for a few months now, only because there’s a store right in my neighborhood. I have walked by it several times and always wondering “What could they mean by ‘edible’ arrangements? Edible flowers?” I really was thinking that, since their logo looks like an arrangement of flowers.

Well, only today did I learn that the Edible Arrangements are actually fruit/chocolate arranged to look like flower bouquets. What a concept! Kind of feel like it’s more “bang for the buck” than a regular bouquet of flowers. Flowers, unfortunately, wilt and die and really, all you can do with them is look at them and admire, and water them. I’m not knocking flowers, and I actually love flowers (when I receive them), but they’re one of those things in life that is “nice to have” but not necessary (at least, to me). With the Edible Arrangements, you can still sit and admire, but you will enjoy diving in and eating the tasty fruit and chocolates as well.

The fruit is all natural (a big plus–I don’t like how a lot of these “fruit” products these days contain preservatives, sugar, and other unnecessary things) and is guaranteed fresh at delivery. Prices range from $40 to $200, I’m guessing depending on the size of the arrangement and how special of an occasion you are buying for. After reading the article in NYTimes about Edible Arrangements, I want to go out and buy an arrangement, merely so I marvel at it and eat it. I love fruit anyway, so it’s not a bad deal at all.

Hmm, I but I think I will have to find a good reason/occasion to splurge on the arrangement….