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Cutting Down The Duties–

I’ve come to a big realization the past week: it’s really no surprise, but I admit I am quite a perfectionist. It’s come to the point that I notice how many goals I set each day and how all these little goals continuously stress me out to no end.

Last Tuesday evening, I was sipping on some Good Earth Tea; it’s a nice brand of tea since it also features quotations on each tea bag tag. I got a quotation last week that really stung me (in a good way) for its truthfulness/relevance to my situation:

“Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.”
– Eugene Delacroix

Every day, I’m making lists, it seems, with all these lists and goals I create, I’m just making myself feel worse over things that don’t get “finished”. This flows through everything I do, including my writing. I feel disappointed when I’m unable to get some writing done, e.g., some sort of progress on my Novel 1 rewrite.

So, I’ve decided to cut back on a lot of things to get myself back into a better state of mind. For one, I have reduced my blogs down to just this one and my Cinnamon Juice food blog; I was working on Photo 365 for the past six months, but, since May, I’d fallen behind and found myself constantly in need of “catching up”. It’s still like that with Cinnamon Juice, but, well, there’s no need to feel like I need to catch up on things all the time.

I suppose the same can be said about many things in life.