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Conjuring up SF Muni Memories

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Well, as I’m counting down the months before I leave San Francisco for the next step in life, I’ve been working hard on remembering some things that have happened over the course of these three years.

One thing that I have liked about living here is just how so many people are technology-forward. This is where most of the magic happens, where Twitter is located, where Facebook is located, etc. etc. Also, where many of my favorite blogs are located.

I’ve been following Muni Diaries for a year or so now and have always been amused by the stories told there. I’ve mentioned Muni Diaries before (last year, when I submitted a few of my old blog entries for their archives), but for awhile now I hadn’t thought much of other Muni incidents worth re-telling.

Well, now is the time. I’ve gotten lost on Muni a few times before, and they’ve always been entertaining…well, at least from the way I saw the incidents. Yesterday, my story about how I got lost on the 9X bus was posted up: Beginner’s Luck on the Bayshore Express. My first time alone on Muni, and this is what happens! At least the panic didn’t last long and I found my way back home.

Later this week, my other story will be posted on the blog; I’ve got to keep picking my brain for more Muni incidents though since I feel there can be many stories written from the multitude of times I’ve boarded Muni.

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