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Chip bag sizes are deceiving….

Just noticed this today–although Fritos and Cheetos are usually packaged in the smaller bags, their calorie count is actually higher than if you buy a bag of Doritos or Ruffles. Actually, Doritos are the “healthiest”/lowest in calories among Frito-Lay regular snacks (this excludes the baked varieties and the 100-calorie packs).

It might sound confusing….you would have to look at the nutritional information (provided in the links above). 1 oz. of Fritos is 160 calories; 1 oz. of Doritos is 140 calories. Sure, it’s not too much of a difference, but it’s still noticeable.

I came to this realization today while doing preparation work for tomorrow’s carts; was kind of craving chips, and kept looking at the calories/fat grams on the chip bags. Sigh. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to chips; the “small” bag actually is deadlier in terms of calories and fat.