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Daily Post Day 68: An Inspirational Book

A book that changed my life in the past five years was Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. I borrowed the book from my friend and I devoured the whole thing in only a few days.

The storyline was simple but at the same time so much of it made sense. I felt so inspired after reading the book that I vowed to myself I would live my life the same as the protagonist did: Follow my dreams, trust my gut, and don’t look back.

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New Domain; Update on Yearly Book List

Last night, after a year and a half of confusion, I finally figured out how to replace my domain with my blog. So, no more outdated content! Now, is my blog with updated content on a regular basis.

I guess when I started my domain in early 2009, I was just excited and didn’t know how to go about it. But, as time has passed, I’ve observed others’ domains and see how they successfully incorporate their blog as their main page. I wanted that so badly yet I just didn’t know how to go about it.

And the change was rather easy.

Anyway, last night I also updated my “Completed Books” list, which I’ve kept up for each year since 2008. So far this year, I’ve only read ten books. The irony of that number is that I went through a phase of checking out 10-15 books from the library. Needless to say, I got distracted and I was unable to complete all those books within a timely manner. I suppose this year has been quite different from the past two years in that a lot more has changed.

Well, perhaps I will get 15 more books read by the end of the year if I want to stay at my average of 25 books per year. We’ll see how these last few months play out.

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Book Review: Will the World End in 2012?

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Note: Special post today because I just finished reading this book. Regular posts will be back on Tuesday!
I read Will the World End in 2012? With a skeptic mind due to the fact that I’ve been wishy-washy on all the theories of the “end of the world”. To say the least, the book was entertaining to read yet I also learned a little bit from it. There were a few theories I had never heard of before, and these theories were essentially shot down as possibilities of the end of the world in the book anyway.
What bothers me slightly is how Dr. Hundley and his publisher market the book as an unbiased look at the end of the world theories. The cover of the book clearly states the book is a Christian guide, and the book even ends with a few suggestions of how, if the reader was not a Christian before, he or she should consider bringing Christ into his or her life.
Look, I am a Christian, and I believe in sharing the word of God with others. But I’m not sure if Hundley’s efforts in writing and marketing this book for a “wider audience” would be effective unless his publisher specifically requested for the book to be stocked in the 2012 literature sections of major bookstores. If not, the book may only reach Christian readers, which, although that’ll still be a success for the book, it may not be as effective as Hundley had wanted it to be.
Overall though, I found that the book was easy-to-read and was insightful in other aspects. Recommended for those who are curious about all the 2012 theories floating out there (Hundley analyzes the ten most-popular theories).


I had finished reading this book late last night, which probably wasn’t the brightest idea since it made me feel a little agitated before bedtime. Yes, let’s read about fire and brimstone right before bedtime! But I only had part of the book left to read so I figured, why not.

On the subject of 2012, I seem to be surrounded by people who are poking at the end-of-the-world talk with jokes. For instance–

My brother: “Well, in terms of car loans, we can go with the 5-year-one because the world will end in 2012 and we won’t need to finish paying off the car!”

At least some of us can look at the situation with a chuckle.

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The Writer’s Life.

In the past three weeks, I’ve immersed myself into the world of writing again. It’s been refreshing and energizing being able to focus on what I want to be doing with this time on my hands.

Yesterday, I participated in the New York Writers’ Coalition‘s Write-A-Thon, where participants had to write 3,000 words in order to win the challenge. I only heard about the event the day before, but I decided that it would be something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon. 3,000 words is a small feat after all compared to NaNoWriMo‘s 50,000 words. My story went for a strange turn though as I typed along on my Neo Alphasmart; it was mainly a jumble of thoughts I had in my mind.
I finally got around to reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird this past month, and now I understand why other writers say it’s an essential book on writing. Lamott’s humor was nice to read since a lot of times self-help/how-to books can be a little dry. However, she sprinkles all her advice amidst her humor, which makes the book easy to follow somehow.
I’ve been collecting information for writing contests and submitting to literary magazines; the summer at least looks eventful in the writing aspect of my life. There are other things going on throughout the summer, but I will get through it all in one piece. Time continues to mystify me, but I can’t stop and ponder that thought too long; just keep moving on, enjoying the moment.
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the3six5 aftermath; motivation–

I meant to write sooner after I had my entry posted over at the3six5 last Saturday. But, the week has been one of those common ones: busy, jam-packed, no time to really sit down and blog…or is it all an illusion?

Today, I woke up from sleeping over 12 hours. I checked my reading list for this year and I realize I’ve read very few books so far this year. Hm. The past two years, I read books rather quickly, but I have to say, this year has been blatantly different from the past few years. A chunk of time was stolen from me, but I can’t keep dwelling on that “lost time”–just move on.

Back to my commentary on the3six5: I was anxious before April 24, worried that I wasn’t going to have much to contribute to my own post. But that morning, I woke up and felt inspired coincidentally; everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. Time and again, I realize it’s best not to worry about things because life always works out somehow, even if not “perfectly”.

I finally got around to finishing the first draft of a short story I had started writing back in October. I’m anticipating a lot to happen in the next few months, but really I need to kick my motivation up many notches. When I’m not held accountable for my goals, of course I end up procrastinating. I see that happen to me all the time until one of my loved ones metaphorically kicks me where it hurts. They never fail to get me going with their honesty.

And here it is, the last day of April–I can’t believe summer is around the corner. The weather in San Francisco this year has been strange; more rain in the spring than usual. I know rain is common for most other places in the country during the springtime; however, it is an unusual sight for this city by the bay.