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"Can you please die?"

A guy approached the hot dog stand at work today and was talking on his phone; in the middle of his conversation, he asked me for a Diet Pepsi, so I immediately quoted the price to him: “1.50, please.” The guy’s eyes widened and he proceeded to comment on the exorbitant price to his friend, saying “I’m paying freaking $1.50 for a can of Diet Pepsi! Isn’t that insane?”

He then hands me his $20 bill, which I had to check for authenticity (it’s standard protocol for us to check all big bills). He continues to make commentary to his friend, saying “AND the girl is checking my $20 bill to make sure I didn’t make it just today! Oh my GOSH!” (Yes, the man was rather flamboyant). Finally, he gets off the phone and says to me, “Oh my gosh, can you die now?”

I gave him a look of shock, but I could tell he was joking (kind of…). Then he rambled on about the economy, talking about how, “How can you charge so much for a soda when the economy is in shambles?” And all I could say was “Well, I don’t set the prices, sir…” Then he ended on a nice/weird note, saying, “Well, I hope you will make A LOT of money with your cart…good location, by the way!”

And then he pranced off.