#amwriting change inspiration

Breaking Out.

Sometimes the same old thing really does become old and predictable. I look at my planner and I feel like “Oh, it’s time to do this or that.” And then I find myself grumbling and feeling like “Can’t I just not do it?”

There aren’t any real consequences when I break away from the mundane tasks of my weekends. Today, I went out and just walked around downtown, did some people-watching, and just reflected. I had a small notebook with me, and took down notes about anything that was flying around in my mind.

I found myself perching at different places of the city that I rarely visit. It’s good to get a fresh change of scenery, even if all I’m doing at these different places is walking or sitting, watching people and just thinking about life.

With events from this past week, I found myself inspired to write a small flash piece. It was only 938 words, but that’s just the first draft; I’m sure I can expand upon the piece when I go back and edit/rewrite.

Here’s to another day.