My San Francisco Chronicles

ATA Student Film Screening; Taste of San Francisco

Tonight I went with a friend to a screening of some local student films. The event was held at ATA (Artists’ Television Access) in the Mission; we essentially watched films from students of City College, Cogswell, and from the Art Institute of California, SF.

My friend and I only stayed for the first half, but I have to say, I felt pretty impressed by the level of professionalism of the films we watched. I think it was my first time to see well-executed student films; I had a flashback to when I watched some student films back at my university three years ago, and I remember that, even though the films might have had good concepts, the executions still showed a lot of amateurism. These films tonight, however, could have passed for close to professional filmmaker quality (at least to the common person’s eyes). There was a good mix of genres, from chick flicks to suspense and even a random music video.

Actually, these past couple of days have been spent experiencing the “real” San Francisco. Been mingling with more locals and seeing more of the non-touristy scene. I somehow find myself involved in artistic adventures as well; after all, yesterday I was in a music video, and today, I attended this film screening. Perhaps this is all a sign that I should let myself dive back into the arts since I neglected that passion once I entered college.