#28ChineseMemories Day 27: The Color Red in Chinese Culture

Image courtesy of adamr from
Image courtesy of adamr from

I grew up knowing that red is a lucky color: after all, when Chinese New Year rolls around, our pockets are red (the pockets that contain money).┬áRed represents happiness and good luck: I have seen my relatives’ wedding photos and see the women wearing red (or pink) dresses.

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, white is traditionally a color used for mourning in Chinese culture, so I wondered what would happen when it came time for us kids to get married. My oldest sister had a small wedding and wore a red dress at her wedding: she paid total homage to our cultural roots. At my older brother’s wedding, my sister-in-law wore a white dress with a red sash tied around her waist.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing when it comes time for my wedding, but I know I will incorporate red somehow.