My San Francisco Chronicles weather

Rainy San Francisco Day

Ah, the weather today is so rainy and rather depressing! A lot of rain–to be exact, 100% chance of rain. It has been going on since last night I believe. While I enjoy listening to rain while indoors, I do not enjoy walking around in the rain outside. I had to go out earlier this morning for a conference, and my poor pants got a little soaked at the hem.

I wish I didn’t have to venture back outside again today, but I have to go to an interview in a few hours. I am hoping the rain will not affect my travel plans later in the week–according to the forecast, seems like there will be a lot of rain for the whole week. Sigh.

It just feels strange to have rain here in San Francisco–rarely have there been rainy days since I moved here. A lot of sunshine, some cloudy days, some windy days–but that’s about it. Well, others have told me that winter is the rainy season here, so I guess that’s how it goes. There’s no snow, thank goodness–just rain. And not so much that we’re flooded, I hope.