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I’m pushing a heavy cart…yes, I am busy.

I am amazed at how oblivious people can be towards others. Not once, but twice (possibly three times!) I have had people ask me for information/directions to stores while I am pushing along the heavy hot dog cart. I just can’t believe people think I have the time to stop and tell them where they should go! My co-workers tell me that I should not feel obliged to give directions since the other people are just being plain rude for not noticing the obvious.

Oh yes, I can tell you information while I push this heavy cart. Oh no, obviously I am not busy at all! That’s why I am pushing this cart.

Next time I should just tell people to help push the cart if they want to ask me or my co-workers for information. We are not an information booth, and we are not so kind to give away so much information freely.

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Today I received an amusing reply to my usual question at the hot dog stand when people order a hot dog–“Would you like sauerkraut on that?”

I asked a tall, stocky guy this question, and his response was:

“Oh, no. I’m German; I don’t want to be found out.”

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Five years since the start of the War in Iraq.

I can’t believe it’s been five years since the war began.

Today in Union Square/downtown area, there were a lot of protesters. A lot of them were dressed in garb doing skits (I couldn’t quite see what kind of skit they were doing, but it was about the war). Then, they all tried going into Macy’s at one point but policemen on motorcycles immediately stopped them. I was standing at my hot dog cart minding my own business and was startled to see the policemen roll their bikes up onto the sidewalk.

The protest processional had to be moved elsewhere (probably down Powell Street). My manager said that Market Street was looking pretty bad at one point due to the protest.

After the commotion in front of the Macy’s, a man was walking by my cart and kind of smiled at me in a funny way. Then, he went on to say, “What the hell, Hot Dog Lady?!”, probably questioning whether I was involved in the protest or what…

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Radio Oldies

I don’t usually listen to radio, but since I’ve started working at the hot dog carts, I have been really digging the KISS 98.1 FM radio station here in San Francisco. The station reminds me of a mix of K92.3 and Q99.1 from back east, in that it plays popular oldies and some more recent, contemporary songs.

Today while working at the commissary, I was singing along with the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, etc. Ah, so many of the songs on the radio give me quite a bout of nostalgia. I was only born in 1985, but so many golden oldies from the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s remind me of my childhood. Probably because my siblings and I used to always watch those music video shows on VH1 back when they actually showed music videos. “Whatever happened to…”, “One-Hit Wonders”, etc. We were bored a lot at home, so we ended up learning a lot of American music history.

I feel like I can listen to KISS 98.1 all day…I practically did that today since I ended up working close to 8-9 hours (was slow in the prep work today). So many songs that I recognised, so many memories…

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Pretzels vs. Hot Dogs

Dear Female Customers,

I know you all probably look at the menu and think to yourselves “Gee, hot dogs, so fattening! I think I will be healthier and have a pretzel.”

I hate to break it to you, but a pretzel is probably unhealthier than a hot dog.

Think about it: all the pretzel is is salt (sodium, yikes!) and white bread. Simple carbs that aren’t easily broken down. No real nutrients. In addition, the salt will make you retain some water (i.e., you will feel bloated later).

Meanwhile, a hot dog at least will have some protein in it, and when you add some relish or onions or sauerkraut, you get some sort of vegetable servings.

So stop trying to kid yourself into thinking that the pretzel is healthier, because in reality, it really isn’t. I do believe a soft pretzel packs more calories than a jumbo hot dog (correct me if I’m wrong).

So anyway, what would you like to buy today? An unhealthy soft pretzel or a less-unhealthy hot dog?


Your Favorite Hot Dog Vendor in San Francisco