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This is how it goes;

You only realize who is the closest, most trustworthy, when you are in a crisis.

I feel now I am indebted to them, which makes it harder for me to move on.

Another dip in the rollercoaster of life.

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When do you know when to “move on”?

It does not matter what you are thinking about moving on from; just in general, when and how do you know?

When things stop feeling like they are so wonderful?

When you no longer feel happy and safe?

I am beginning to feel this way, which upsets me. I know nothing can stay the same ever, but I was hoping there would be some stability at some point.

I suppose I cannot make myself feel sad over this for too long though, since life goes on with or without my worries about change.

Life just happens.

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Don’t stand still or you’ll get run over.

So this is how life goes; can’t be too comfortable anywhere or else I become bored and restless. Life throws another curveball at me, and I begin to wonder: how come none of this seems to happen to everyone else around me?

Everyone else seems complacent, holding steady. Meanwhile, once I become comfortable, another thing happens. It never ends, it seems.

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Paths in life.

There isn’t much to say for today. Just lately I have been wondering about what is in store for me. Most people leave school and believe that after college there is a set path for them. But of course, in reality, that is rarely the case. Most end up going into professions completely un-related to what they earned their degree in. That’s just how life goes.

Unfortunately I have been thinking about embarking on that set path, and over the past few months, I realize that maybe that’s just not the right mindset. I should be open to other fields, other areas…and just go with the flow. It’s hard to say what is best for me, though. So many paths lie ahead in me and I feel I can only choose one. Will these paths one day converge into one somehow? I guess only time will really tell.